A commuters' group seeking a judicial review of the Government's handling of Southern Railway has secured a date for a court hearing to press its case.[...]
A commuter group is hoping for a judicial review into the government's handling of Southern rail.[...]
Campaigners pursuing a legal challenge over the government's handling of the Southern rail crisis have announced the date of a public court hearing later[...]
A Sussex-based commuter group has announced it will be attending a public court hearing on the Southern crisis next week.[...]
A group representing disgruntled commuters has been given a High Court date to go head to head with the government in the row over Southern Railway. The Association of British Commuters (ABC) will seek a judicial review of the Department for Transport’s conduct next week. The permission hearing is due to take place in the Adminstrative Court – a branch of the High Court – on Thursday 29 June. The ...[...]


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