The tusker is believed to have wandered from its herd and got lost.[...]
Sharpshooter Shafath Ali Khan said in an interview that he first came upon the animal on Thursday, and fired a tranquiliser dart into the elephant's neck but did not bring it down.[...]
An elephant blamed for killing more than a dozen people in Jharkhand and Bihar was shot dead on Friday. A well-known hunter Sharpshooter Shafath Ali Khan was called from Hyderabad, he fired two bullets at the head of the animal from a distance of just 10 meters. The elephant died within few minutes.[...]
As conservation efforts bear fruit, people are increasingly in conflict with tigers and elephants.[...]
According to the officials, elephant was shot in the head and after it fell, another round was fired as a confirmation shot.[...]
The tusker is assumed to have lost his way from Nepal and come all the way through West Bengal and Bihar to Jharkhand. He died with two shots,” Mr. Khan recalled. After futile attempts by the veterinary team of the Jharkhand Forest Department to tranquillise the beast, Mr. Khan was summoned by the state government during the first week of August. Killer behaviour“He developed this abnormal behaviour of raiding the villages at night and pushing the huts down, killing women and children sleeping in them,” Mr. Khan informed. Before it was killed, the mammoth had terrorised 25 villages around Sahibgunj district of Jharkhand, by killing 11 persons and injuring nine.[...]
A rogue elephant, who trampled 15 people to death in eastern India, has been shot dead in an elaborate hunt involving forest guards and sharpshooters.[...]


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