Hong Kong democracy activist says mainland Chinese agents abducted and tortured him for plan to send photo signed by soccer star Messi to dissident's widow[...]
Alliance supporters post missing person notices outside a Bank of China branch in Mong Kok[...]
Tourism Association says move may affect more than 10,000 potential visitors[...]
Hong Kong's official radio station said it will replace its 24-hour BBC broadcast with Chinese state-run programming in a move critics on Saturday said was a step towards "mainlandisation".[...]
Howard Lam said he was interrogated about his aim to send the photo of the Barcelona footballer to the widow of Nobel peace prize laureate.[...]
Twenty-eight days since the disappearance of late dissident Liu Xiaobo’s widow, a group of protesters gathered in Kowloon on Saturday to demand Liu Xia’s release. The protest also came a day after a Democratic Party member alleged that he was abducted by mainland law enforcement officials as a warning against making contact with Liu …[...]
Health secretary Sophia Chan says government will study results of first round of current exercise under which patients from overwhelmed public wards have been sent to private hospitals[...]
Democratic Party member Howard Lam has been discharged from hospital following surgery, a day after he claimed he was abducted and beaten by mainland security agents in Mong K. He refused police protection and said he wished to start his academic studies in the US soon. The 21 staples which he said were inserted …[...]


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