As streaming services multiply, channel surfers may find themselves swamped with subscription choices, and paying as much as ever. [...]
Netflix believes Disney's new streaming service will be "complementary" to its own.[...]
Netflix and Disney are still in negotiation over whether or not Marvel and 'Star Wars' films will remain on the streaming site.[...]
When Disney announced it will be pulling its content from Netflix, one question remained: What happens to Marvel Netflix content after current deals expire?[...]
In the old days of video streaming - that is, not so long ago - consumers could cut the cable cord and subscribe to one or two services, enjoying a vast array of movies and television programming at a rate far less than the monster cable bill. It's not so simple anymore. Disney, the juggernaut behind ESPN, Pixar, Marvel and the recent additions to the Star Wars franchise, shook the entertainment world this week with an announcement that it would remove many of its offerings from Netflix. The[...]
Netflix is confirming that it's currently in talks with Disney to keep Marvel and Star Wars movies on the streaming service[...]
As adult television viewers increasingly opt out of traditional cable, streaming services are trying to entice their kids. Disney jumped ahead of the pack with plans to pull its children's programming from Netflix in 2019 to launch its own streaming service.[...]
Barron's weekend cover story explains how[...]


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