COD World League Championship 2017 continues with Day 4 as OpTic, Splyce and plenty more teams prepare for a tense day of action. Watch the full schedule of games here.[...]
Formal rose to the top and won it all on Halo, and now he’s on the path to do the same on Call of Duty. OpTic are the clear fan favourites and the squad is looking solid, beating Splyce and securing their top six finish. We had a short and sweet chat with Formal to hear his thoughts.[...]
Day four of the Call of Duty World Championships 2017 is underway, and it’s the longest day of the event. Matches go on until after 7pm EST, and OpTic vs Splyce is already going on with the green wall taking a 1-0 lead. We’ll be providing plenty of interviews and coverage throughout the day, so keep Gamereactor open for all of your Call of Duty esports needs.[...]
ACHES eliminated, OpTic dominate, and more took place on Friday at CoD Champs 2017.[...]
The epic matchup between OpTic Gaming and Splyce went down to the wire as both elite teams duked it out...[...]
There was an undeniable bias in the crowd during the OpTic Gaming vs Splyce match during day two of the...[...]
Call of Duty Championship 2017 Coverage Hub / Final Placements Winner’s Round 2  OpTic Gaming: Scump, Karma, FormaL, Crimsix vs.  Splyce: Bance,...[...]


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