One photographer has shown the power of the sun MELTING an unprotected camera [...]
Monday's total solar eclipse is going to be the most photographed eclipse in history, but only if photographers have the right tools.[...]
Looking directly into the eclipse can cause some serious damage to a person’s eyes and it can also destroy a camera.[...]
The total solar eclipse on August 21st will pass just south of Omaha, and promises to be a great photo op for amateur photographers across the country [...]
This video shows how a camera can be damaged when shooting a solar eclipse unprepared.[...]
Employees from a camera store discovered what happened when you try to shoot the eclipse without a solar filter for your digital camera.[...]
The total solar eclipse set to take place on August 21st is going to be a sight to behold — provided you have the proper protection for your eyes and camera. Looking at the Sun can cause permanent...[...]
Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration[...]
PIQUA - After much hype, and for many, a long wait, the eve of the[...]


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