Michael John Ashworth is due to appear in court after being arrested as he attempted to board a Eurotunnel train in France.[...]
Michael John Ashworth, 57, was released on licence from HMP Sudbury in Derbyshire in 1995, where he was serving a five-year jail term for drugs offences.[...]
Michael Ashworth, who absconded from jail in 1995, was arrested at the Channel Tunnel in France.[...]
Michael John Ashworth allegedly fled from HMP Sudbury in 1995[...]
A man accused of absconding from an open prison in 1995 has been arrested at a Channel Tunnel site in France, Kent Police said.[...]
A convict on the run since escaping prison in 1995 is back in prison after he was caught at the Channel Tunnel trying to enter the UK.[...]
Michael John Ashworth absconded from Sudbury prison 22 years ago while serving five years for drug offences.[...]
A convict thought to have escaped from prison in 1995 was arrested after he tried to enter the UK via the Channel Tunnel.[...]
He appeared in court today after failing to return to open prison back in 1995[...]


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