Warning: Important spoilers about Part 15 of Twin Peaks: The Return follow. In the fifteenth installment of Twin Peaks: The Return last night, Phillip[...]
Keith Phipps and Josh Kurp, filling in for a vacationing Alan Sepinwall, on an episode of 'Twin Peaks' with big decisions and a sad goodbye.[...]
This week, Twin Peaks hit us with a touching and haunting farewell for a beloved character.[...]
'Twin Peaks' says goodbye to an old favorite, throws a bone to longtime fans and gets weirder than ever – our recap of an exceptional episode.[...]
Norma and Ed seem to have finally found their happy ending. Nadine, still riding a high from Dr. Amp’s vlog, marches to Big Ed’s gas farm, golden sh-t shovel in hand, and releases Ed from their marriage. She claims to be “better” now. She only wants Ed to be happy.[...]
This week Twin Peaks said goodbye to one of its most memorable personalities.[...]
As we approach the conclusion of Showtime's revival of Twin Peaks, creators David Lynch and Mark Frost appear to be ramping up the surreal strangeness that is[...]
In the latest episode, David Lynch implicates his audience in Twin Peaks's unfolding dream. [...]
Welcome back, Cooper. Good night, Margaret. Hello, Twin Peaks.[...]


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