Scientists in the UK have developed the world's smallest surgical robot with low-cost technology used in mobile phones and space industries. The robot, called Versius, mimics the human arm and can be used to carry out a wide range of procedures in which a series of small incisions are made to circumvent the need for traditional open surgery.[...]
British scientists create world's smallest surgical robot[...]
Cambridge Medical Robotics have created a robot arm, which is suitable for use in delicate keyhole surgical operations.[...]
TheTribune: LONDON: British scientists have developed the world’s smallest surgical robot that could transform daily operations for tens of thousands of patients, the media reported on Sunday.[...]
Cambridge Medical Robotics has created a flexible robotic arm that could assist human surgeons in keyhole procedures.[...]
London, August 21: A significant contribution to the world of medicine! World’s smallest surgical robot made with low cost technology (used in mobile phones and space industries) have been developed by the scientists at UK. Versius, the robot, acts exactly like the human arm and can be used to carry out a wide range of …[...]
Medical Robotics Market, 2012-2022 Industry Research Report explores the comprehensive study on the present market scenario of Medical Robotics which is fo[...]


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