Facebook also owns Oculus, the premium VR brand and now it seems to be interested in AR too.[...]
Spotted by Quartz, the new patent indicates the social media company to be working on an AR-based glass will include a “waveguide display with two-dimensional scanner”.[...]
Some of the details behind Facebook's own take on the HoloLens have leaked out through a patent application.[...]
Though seeming to work like Microsoft's HoloLens, the device is expected to look more like the Google Glass.[...]
Facebook is working on a pair of augmented reality smartglasses that could superimpose virtual objects onto the real world.[...]
Patent filed by Oculus shows frame shape and display tech details.[...]
Technology news page Phone Arena reports, Facebook is to develop a smart eyewear device.[...]
Facebook is developing a new, immersive way for users to share moments on social media. During the F8 developer conference last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuc[...]
Submitted in 2016, and published just this last week.[...]


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