Frida, the 7-year-old Lab, is a hero.[...]
Rescuers confirm they see one child beneath the rubble of the school, and they are frantically trying to reach her. They believe there could be more children still alive under the rubble that was ...[...]
A dog has been hailed a hero after it joined the search for survivors of the Mexico earthquake. [...]
The search for Frida Sofía is over: it turns out there was no such person trapped in the rubble of a school in Mexico City.[...]
Since the moment Mexico City buildings turned into piles of dust around me, each ruin has attracted its group of volunteers bringing water, tools and their frantic labor.[...]
One of the heroes emerging from the aftermath of Tuesday's 7.1 earthquake in central Mexico is a rescuer with four legs and a growing following.[...]
As the Mexican saying goes, it’s pouring over wet ground. The Sept. 19 earthquake that shook Mexico City and surrounding states was the latest in a string of natural disasters to hit Mexico amid the regular stream of crime and corruption plaguing the country. The feats of Frida, a rescue dog helping find survivors amid...[...]
A rescue dog credited with saving 52 lives is already back at work saving lives, after a 7.1 magnitude quak...[...]
Search and rescue dog Frida has become an online hero after saving more than 50 people so far, including 12 after Mexico's earthquake.[...]


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