You can't pin the blame for this one on IBM.[...]
Bill Gates is sorry that he made it so annoying to log in to your computer. The billionaire Microsoft co-founder admitted Wednesday that the Control-Alt-Delete function originally used to get into Windows computers is an awkward maneuver.[...]
Bill Gates is sorry that he made it so annoying to log in to your computer.[...]
Bill Gates again blames IBM for creating the Ctrl-Alt-Del command instead of having one button do the job.[...]
Gives two-fingered salute to IBM designers for forcing us to use three-fingered salute[...]
Nobody’s perfect, not even Bill Gates. The billionaire recently admitted that if he could go back in time, he’d switch the Ctrl+Alt+Delete command for a single button. Gates spoke out on the subject yesterday at a Bloomberg business forum in response to David Rubenstein’s question about why he chose that specific command to access the …[...]
Bill Gates has one regret: The two-handed maneuver "Control+Alt+Delete" shortcut that was once required to reboot any Windows computer.[...]
Billionaire and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates feels sorry for making the Control-Alt-Delete function, used to start up Windows on computers.[...]
Top performers’ success may have more to do with great timing than great talent, writes Chengwei Liu.[...]


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