The first album in five years by the Las Vegas band is their weakest effort to date.[...]
On 'Wonderful Wonderful' band leader Brandon Flowers bares himself more than ever before. Read NME's review.[...]
The Killers, “Wonderful Wonderful “ (Island)[...]
The Killers, Wonderful Wonderful ★★★☆☆ Download: The Man, Tyson vs Douglas, Run For Cover The Killers’ fifth studio album ushers the band into a new era like the call to the final gunfight in an old Western. Twangs of guitar precede Brandon Flowers’s vocals on the opener, title track “Wonderful Wonderful”, a compelling dirge that calls to a “motherless child” – apparently Flowers’s wife Tana – wit[...]
Wonderful Wonderful also has the confidence to be far more inventive than anything the band has released before. [...]
In a recent Rolling Stone interview, The Killers make the case for their first new album in five years, offering a series of quotes that could have hailed directly from a press release: “The best way to put it is that I wanted to inhabit my age, so it’s a snapshot—a true representation of where we’re at,” says singer Brandon Flowers, describing every single album ever made by anyone. That lack of any real direction or purpose colors all of Wonderful Wonderful, a record that, even by The Killers’ standards, boasts little depth beneath its glossy surface. While that slickness has yielded greatness in the past—“All These Things That I’ve Done” remains a hypnotically catchy emotional anthem, the same for “Mr. Brightside,” though it might have aged better if not for radio overplay—there’s nothing here to equal those moments. [...]
The band's fifth studio album is out Friday.[...]


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