Triple H returned to the ring today at a Smackdown live event in Santiago, Chile, defeating Rusev after nailing him with The Pedigree.[...]
This is one of the most hilarious things 'The Game' has ever done[...]
Triple H vs Rusev in Chili was pretty special but it was nothing compared to the post-match celebration.[...]
The full results from Sunday's Smackdown-branded house show are online. Jinder Mahal faced Shinsuke Nakamura in the main event, while Triple H beat Rusev.[...]
Some more Sunday WWE news shows another entrance video of Triple H at the live event in Santiago, Chile. AJ Styles also shares a fan video for TLC tonight.[...]
Triple H tweeted out this pic of his arrival in Chile today for his return to the ring. He will be wrestling at the Smackdown event in Chili tonight[...]
An extremely memorable night from South America.[...]
Due to the fateful viral outbreak, the Kurt Angle finds himself back in competition sooner than even he imagined. Like Angle, Daniel Bryan has been playful with his pending return to wrestling action. Seeing that we're already halfway there, is it possible that WWE could one day book a dream [...][...]


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