Saudi Arabia today denied that any of its officials had visited Israel, after media reported that a senior prince had made a secret diplomatic trip there.[...]
Saudi Arabia says reports several weeks ago that a senior prince secretly visited Israel were unfounded.[...]
Current regulations forbid a single foreign investor from owning 10 percent or more of the shares of a listed Saudi company[...]
RIYADH (AFP) - The lights go out, the projector whirls and entertainment-starved Saudis sink into plush seats to soak up an experience they have been denied for decades - a trip to the cinema.. Read more at[...]
History is made. A reigning Saudi monarch finally stepped foot on the Russian soil. When Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud landed at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport on October 4, it was a sight to behold. Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin was there to receive the King. Barring the faulty golden escalator, …[...]
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement on Sunday denying some hostile media reports that suggested a Saudi official had made a secret visit to Israel recently.[...]
JEDDAH: An official source at the Saudi Foreign Ministry commented on news circulated by certain hostile media that a Saudi official had secretly visited Israel and confirmed that the news was completely untrue, null and void. The ministry source added that Saudi Arabia has always been clear in its contacts and has nothing to hide in this regard. The source concluded his statement by calling on media outlets to investigate the accuracy and truth of what they publish.[...]

Select non-resident investors will be able to hold stakes of 10 per cent or more

(Reuters) – Saudi Arabia’s central bank has joined an international standard-setting body for Islamic finance, a move that could help standardise industry practices and ease[...]


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