Turns out Nokia was ahead of Apple when it came to testing out 3D Touch tech in phones but unfortunately it could not be found in devices[...]
Delta is starting the process to move away from Microsoft hardware in favor of iPhones and iPads in all of their planes.[...]
Microsoft’s Windows phone may be commercially dead, but the firm is still pushing out security updates and bug fixes for users who remain with their Lumias and other miscellaneous Windows phones. The software maker has released a new tool for enterprising Windows phone users and fans which lets them bring up their phones to the …[...]
Microsoft’s decision to kill Windows Phone is finally backfiring the company. The CEO Satya Nadella recently explained that Microsoft will now focus on Android and iOS instead of Windows Phone. Most of the companies prefer to deliver a universal experience across the phones and PC to their employees, something Microsoft isn’t able to offer with …[...]
The all-new Microsoft Store is finally available for Windows 10 Mobile and PC on the Production. Last week, Microsoft started rolling out the rebranded Microsoft Store to Windows 10 Mobile devices on the Fast Ring and today it has been advanced to the Production. Last month, the Redmond giant rebranded the Windows Store to Microsoft …[...]
Joe Belfiore recently revealed that the existing Windows Phones will still be supported, meaning that the company will release new software updates for all new Windows Phones with improvements and bug fixes. To update your Windows Phone, you are supposed to go the Settings app and check for the OTA updates. However, Microsoft has a …[...]
If you own a Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile handset, you might know that Microsoft is still sending out bug fixes and security updates for the platforms. Those sporting a handset running either OS have to load all previous versions of the software that they might have missed, before updating the device with the latest version...[...]
Windows 10 offers great linking features for your Android and iPhone device. Cortana and 'Continue on PC' lets you connect to your PC without any hassles.[...]
We saw yesterday how Microsoft’s absence in mobile led to the removal of Surface tablets from Delta’s employee offerings, and today we have more evidence of the erosion of Microsoft’s dominance in the enterprise as companies increasingly work to simplify their platforms. Industrial giant GE has announced a partnership with Apple to bring Predix, GE’s software …[...]


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