The '10 Things I Hate About You' star and her husband Preston J. Cook announced on Wednesday that they had welcomed a little baby into the world, who they have called Strummer Newcomb[...]
The couple got married in September.[...]
Julia Stiles' tiny bundle of joy has arrived! The actress has officially given birth to her 1st child, and we are so thrilled for her & her husband![...]
JULIA Styles has given birth and revealed her baby's gender and unique name with an adorable photo.[...]
Actress Julia Stiles wed Preston J. Cook in September ahead of welcoming their first child together in October[...]
The actress took to Instagram to announce that she and her husband welcomed their baby in October.[...]
The stream of recent Hollywood baby news just got even more exciting. On Tuesday, Julia Stiles revealed that she gave birth to her first child on Oct. 20, and her announcement is too cute for words. In the sweet Instagram post, Stiles revealed the ba…[...]
Julia Stiles' baby was born on Oct. 20, and she finally revealed his odd name on Nov. 21![...]
Julia Stiles and husband Preston J. Cook have welcomed their first child together.[...]


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