Delegates are electing a successor to President Jacob Zuma.[...]
The men were arrested in the parking lot at the conference venue at the weekend.[...]
Police have arrested six men in the parking area outside Nasrec in Johannesburg, where the ANC's national conference is being held.[...]
One weekend can be a long time in ANC politics, as the drawn-out start of the party’s 54th national congress at the Nasrec Expo Centre has proved. While a new president is only expected by late on Monday, the horse-trading in the two days before show that there could be an interesting twist in the tale. By CARIEN DU PLESSIS.[...]
The process started in the early hours of Monday, after initial confusion about when it would get underway.[...]
The party insists it will announce the results of the vote sometime on Monday.[...]
Six men have been arrested for possessing a stolen firearm outside the venue where the ANC is holding its national conference.[...]
More than 4,700 delegates cast their ballots in a 10-hour voting session that began in the early hours of Monday morning.[...]
Some 4,700 delegates cast their ballots over the last 10 hours.[...]


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