MPCC implores Team Sky to suspend Tour de France winner Chris Froome for testing positive for asthma medication salbutamol during the Vuelta a Espana.[...]
Movement for Credible Cycling urges Team Sky to suspend Chris Froome while the investigation continues into his adverse analytical finding for salbutamol[...]
Brian Cookson, the former president of British Cycling and the International Cycling Union (UCI), has been accused of destroying what little credibility the sport has left.[...]
MPCC believes a voluntary suspension for Chris Froome will help relieve tension with other teams[...]
Following on the news that Juan-José Lobato had to be sent to hospital over concerns about sleep medicines he and two other riders had taken, states[...]
Comments come after the former UCI boss insisted that Team Sky and Sir Bradley Wiggins should have their reputations restored after the UK Anti-Doping Jiffygate probe[...]


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