The man who masterminded Leave’s victory in the referendum campaign has accused “zombie” remainers of a trying to overturn Brexit.[...]
As I returned to London on the morning of 24 June last year, after the official declaration of the referendum result in Manchester, it finally began to sink in: the British people really had made that momentous and historic decision to vote to Leave the European Union. It was a once-in-a-generation decision, coming 41 years after the last chance the British people had been given to register their [...]
I voted Leave to call the establishment’s bluff. To test that we are, indeed, a free and democratic country. To confirm that I was able to say no to the European Union. After all, as Salman Rushdie once wrote, the freedom to reject is the only freedom.[...]
Back in early June 2016, a few days before the referendum was held, I was asked by Newsnight if I would call for a second referendum if Remain narrowly won. I have had a long-standing belief that the UK’s best future lies outside of the EU. I campaigned and voted to leave the EU in the referendum. Even though the expectation was the Remainers would win, I made it clear that I would respect the out[...]


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