The water-type legendary Pokemon Kyogre, first seen in Pokemon Sapphire, is now appearing in raid battles in Pokemon GO. This will be for a limited time running from now up until 14th February 2018 at 1:00 PM. The legendary Pokemon Groudon will stop appearing as a raid battle on 15th January, so there will be…[...]
Pokemon Go players can now catch another Legendary Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire, the powerful Water-type Kyogre.[...]
The Legendary Water Type Pokemon from Gen 3 Kyogre, is now live in Pokemon Go as a Raid Boss, and the same will be staying with us until February 14. Kyogr[...]
Niantic Labs has announced that Legendary Pokemon Kyogre has been released into the wilds of Pokemon Go today. According to Pokemon Go’s official website, Kyogre will begin spawning in raids today and will remain in the game until 1:00 PM Pacific Time on February 14th.[...]
The second Hoenn legendary, Kyogre, enters Pokémon GO, a little over a month after Groudon came to the game.[...]
The water-type legendary is now available in Raid battles.[...]
Hot off the news about Pokémon GO’s newest recurring event, Niantic is back with more content for players. According to a new post on the Pokémon GO blog, the app has moved on from the intimidating Groudon and is now featuring the more graceful Kyogre, the other main mascot from...[...]
Are you a top-tier Pokemon Go raider looking to collect as many legendary Pokemon as possible? Well, one more legendary Pokemon is now available for everyone to get.[...]


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