Queen Elizabeth II had no idea about this top-secret operation until recently. [...]
Sixty-five years after her coronation, Queen Elizabeth II recalls how it included a "horrible" ride in a gold carriage and how the crown nearly broke her neck.[...]
Queen reveals details of her coronation, Smithsonian Channel interview with Queen Elizabeth II[...]
LONDON: Precious stones from Britain’s crown jewels were hidden in a biscuit tin and buried at Windsor Castle during World War II, a BBC documentary to be shown on Sunday reveals.Gems, including the Black Prince’s Ruby from the Imperial State Crown, were buried under a secret exit from the medieval castle used in times of emergency.[...]
Queen Elizabeth isn't the biggest fan of all that sparkles![...]
During World War II, the Crown Jewels were hidden in a cookie tin at Windsor Castle to protect them from the Nazis, and Queen Elizabeth II, who was a teenager at the time, didn’t know they were being kept there, a new BBC documentary reveals.[...]
THE Queen has revealed the Imperial State Crown is so heavy she is unable to look down to read speeches at the State Opening of Parliament, but how much does the diamond encrusted crown weight and how much is it worth?[...]
Speaking for the first time about her coronation 65 years ago, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has revealed how uncomfortable riding in her carriage to the ceremony was and how wearing the Imperial State Crown risked “breaking your neck.”[...]
The story only gets better from there.[...]


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