An attorney for the Marvel Comics legend says accusations that he groped and harassed his former nurses and harassed a masseuse are just attempts to get money from Lee.[...]
Adding to allegations of sexual harassment against Stan Lee, a prominent comic book creator and his wife have claimed that Lee touched her inappropriately during a recent event.[...]
Earlier this week, Stan Lee was hit with sexual misconduct allegations by his nursing team and today, they've been joined by a Chicago masseuse.[...]
It appears that Crime Stories with Nancy Grace co-host Alan Duke may have been the origin of the recent story involving allegations of sexual harassment against Stan Lee, and Duke has a lot to say on Lee and his family.[...]
Marvel Comics creator of Avengers and Spider-Man faces more accusations of sex assault.[...]
Lately, men thought above sexual misconduct are being accused at a record pace. The latest to be marked with the #MeToo accusation is Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee, 95. The incident allegedly happ…[...]
Following claims of sexual misconduct against Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee from his former carers, a new wave of allegations have surfaced today which are every bit as serious. Hit the jump for details.[...]
Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee is denying allegations that he propositioned and groped a masseuse in Chicago last year.[...]


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