The for-profit breach notification site offered access to approximately three billion identity records.[...]
The site, which was shut down in early 2017, had collected details from a string of major breaches and made them accessible and searchable for a fee.[...]
Unlike similar services, this one sold purloined passwords[...]
The website was abruptly shut down in January 2017 leading many to believe the service was raided by law enforcement.[...]
The case of an Ontario man who allegedly earned hundreds of thousands of dollars by peddling massive troves of personal information obtained on the so-called dark web is a sobering reminder of the scale of online threats Canadians face every day. Technology analyst Carmi Levi offered some simple tips that anyone can use to make your information a more difficult target for hackers.[...]
An Ontario man is accused of running a website infamous for owning and selling billions of stolen identities, including usernames and passwords. Jordan Evan Bloom, 27, of Thornhill, made his first provincial court appearance in Toronto on Monday on several cybercrime charges. After more than a year[...]
Canadian man accused of selling stolen identities and passwords on website.[...]
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) announced today they've charged a 27-year-old man named Jordan Evan Bloom for running, a website that compiled public data breaches, including cleartext passwords, and sold access to this information for a few dollars.[...]


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