U.S. Treasury warns investors to avoid trading Venezuela's 'Petro' cryptocurrency citing potential legal risk.[...]
The petro, Venezuela’s new cryptocurrency, is a farce.[...]
"The Venezuelan Petro currency could therefore expose US persons to legal risk," a US Treasury spokesman has warned potential investors. [...]
Venezuela's cryptocurrency project will still go ahead as planned, by the look of things. Last week, the nation's Senate forbade the issuance of the Petro cryptocurrency, but it seems President Nicol[...]
Advisers to the Venezuelan government are recommending it sell $2.3 billion of its new cryptocurrency in a private offering at a discount of up to 60 percent. [...]
Pope Francis' Catholic Church has come out forcefully against the repressive practices of Nicolas Maduro's Venezuela, albeit belatedly.[...]
Venezuela’s oil-backed cryptocurrency, which may be launched on the Ethereum network, could present a “legal risk” for American investors. [...]
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has ordered an investigation into two Venezuelan bishops, calling them a "plague" during a speech.[...]
U.S. warns investors over Venezuela's 'petro' cryptocurrency[...]


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