Britain's army of small firms with exposure to Carillion were on Tuesday counting the cost of their dalliance with the collapsed builder and fretting about the future. Van Elle, a small engineering contractor with a stock-market listing, warned the City it is owed £1.6 million. Its forward order book includes another £2.5 million of revenue it was expecting from Carillion. Van Elle shares fell 10%[...]
Shares in ground engineer Van Elle tumbled on Tuesday morning after it revealed it had a £1.[...]
Van Elle said it would attempt to recoup the money by launching talks with Carillion, its advisers and The Official Receiver. [...]
News of Carillion going into liquidation has left its suppliers rushing to analyse the likely impact.[...]
One business could lose £2.5m[...]
As the fallout continues from the collapse of Carillion, how have companies linked to the failed business fared? [...]
Former Van Elle boss Michael Ellis has claimed that the firm’s management is ‘shifting the blame’ to Carillion following the announcement of a £1.6m exposure to the contractor’s collapse.[...]
Van Elle outlines Carillion exposure[...]


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