Its design has remained fundamentally unchanged for the past 40 years. It is delightfully anachronistic. A modern, factory-produced restomod.[...]
Mercedes froze a 1979 G Class SUV in time forever. They used 44.4 tons of synthetic resin to show their car is stronger than time.[...]
Instead of showing a next-generation mobility solution concept or a new pickup truck, Mercedes-Benz ripped the sheets off its current-generation GLS-Class SUV at the Detroit auto show, hiding a new ...[...]
the mercedes benz installation symbolizes the timelessness of the off-road legend and makes a conscious reference to insects preserved in amber.[...]
If we're honest, the user interfaces in most cars are terrible. Whether it's the way the buttons are arranged or how the menus work, cars are, with few exceptions, really difficult to use. As an automotive journalist, I drive a lot of cars.[...]
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) - The antique look of the Mercedes-Benz G-class SUV is a big part of its rugged charm. So much so, in fact, that even though the 2019 version is completely new, Mercedes designers[...]
Its first redesign in nearly 40 years improves on-road dynamics and adds loads of tech inside[...]
We're unsure why Detroit is dubbed "the city that is stronger than time," but are glad Mercedes-Benz makes us think about it. [...]


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