A contraceptive app is under fire after more than three dozen users experienced unplanned pregnancies. The Natural Cycles app, a certified contraceptive in Europe, uses an algorithm to predict when a woman is most fertile.[...]
Natural Cycles uses an algorithm to detect a woman's ovulation and fertile days. But it's also recently led to 37 unwanted pregnancies.[...]
Natural Cycles is under fire in Sweden after a hospital reported that some women who'd been using the app to avoid pregnancy became pregnant.[...]
Thirty-seven women in Sweden say they got pregnant after while using Natural Cycles, the first app to be certified as a method of birth control in the E.U.[...]
Natural Cycles, a birth control app, is being blamed for 37 unwanted pregnancies.[...]
The company isn't concerned about this new report.[...]
A "contraceptive app," which became certified in the European Union as a "form of birth control," has been blamed following 37 unwanted pregnancies.[...]
STOCKHOLM - A Swedish hospital has reported that a contraceptive app 'Natural Cycle' has caused about 37 unwanted pregnancies, with women soughting out abortion facilities due to the same contraceptiv[...]
Swedish contraceptive app Natural Cycles is being blamed for many unwanted pregnancies, possibly due to the unreliable "temperature method" it uses.[...]


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