Greg Barker had assembled nearly all his footage for "The Final Year," a behind-the-scenes look at President Barack Obama's globe-trotting foreign policy team, when something unexpected happened - so unexpected that it left its main characters literally speechless.[...]
How the Trump administration warps time and space.[...]
In this week's Political Theater, a look at the new film "The Final Year;" Arizona's two-step take-down of Donald Trump, and Norway![...]
Greg Barker’s respectful film, shot behind the scenes at the White House, documents the end of an era – and the shock of what happened next[...]
Movie review: The scathing new documentary follows the final year of the Obama administration’s diplomatic efforts around the world. Rating: 3.5 stars out of 4.[...]
Two former senior officials in the Obama White House discuss their frustration with the Trump administration's foreign policy.[...]
Before November 8, 2016, I had operated the entirety of my voting adult life in a world superintended by a leader who was not only respected but actually adored by liberal America. Obama was the political sweetheart of millennials. He radiated poise and intellect and altruism without any hint of pat[...]
For much of The Final Year, convinced of Hillary Clinton’s victory, the members of Obama’s crew insist that their successes and failures are part of a...[...]


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