China is beefing up security along its border with North Korea, installing cameras and radiation detectors.[...]
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - US President Donald Trump’s allegations of Russia’s assistance to North Korea in evading international economic sanctions pursue to veil deficiency of sanctions regime, while plans to boost the US missile defense and offense may give rise to a new spiral in the escalation of tension in Northeast Asia, experts told Sputnik.[...]
At least six cargo ships linked to China furtively violated U.N. sanctions by taking on North Korean coal late last year, potentially providing a significant financial boost to the rogue regime, the U.S. alleges.[...]
Chinese-owned cargo ships have been docking in North Korean ports to take on coal, which has then been brought to Vietnam and Russia or unloaded onto other ships, U.S. officials claim.[...]
The two ships met in daylight in the middle of the East China Sea. One was an 11,253-ton oil tanker, the Lighthouse Winmore, supposedly heading to Taiwan. The other, an aging freighter, was...[...]
Even small businesses suffer as customs controls are tightened along the countries' shared border.[...]
U.S. intelligence has found at least six Chinese oil cargo ships to be violating UN sanctions on North Korea[...]


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