SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 13- Gmail is about to get dynamic. Alphabet Inc's Google on Tuesday plans to demonstrate a software programming system that would.[...]
Google's AMP Stories present news content in a format that's very much the same as Instagram Stories.[...]
Assuming you have a basic understanding of social media and haven't been living under a rock for the last year, you're going to be familiar with "Stories" -- fu...[...]
Google launched its own "stories" format Tuesday to compete with Snapchat and Instagram with image-driven news articles aimed at mobile phone and tablet users.[...]
The accelerated mobile pages (AMP) project has come a long way since Google first announced the initiative to the world back in 2015. The open source AMP framework, which is designed to enable blazing-fast and efficient mobile web pages, is now used by 31 million domains. Today, Google announced an extension of the AMP program to include another popular communications medium.[...]
Google has officially launched AMP Stories in its search engine, aiming to let media companies deliver more visually exciting content to mobile devices.[...]
Email could be changing. Users will get more done in less time, thanks to up to date and actionable content via AMP, Google says.[...]
Google’s AMP for Gmail will allow users to do more things without leaving your inbox. The developer preview is live from today[...]
Google's AMP format has always been about making mobile pages render faster. But Google is now taking it beyond posts, recipes and how-to articles. First, the..[...]


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