UK BROADBAND boost as new service offers speeds of 10Gb which will allow users to download a full HD movie in just four seconds.[...]
A UK ISP, Hyperoptic, has tested a 10 Gbps broadband connection over its existing network infrastructure. The company has heralded the achievement as a UK first. No launch date for 10 Gbps was stated.[...]
Yes, I need an 8K livestream in every room[...]
It'll have downloaded before the mouse button springs back up.[...]
Hyperoptic says that the latest tests show that its full fibre 1Gbps network is fully scalable for 10Gbps services in the future[...]
The crown of being able to say the fastest broadband service in the United Kingdom is one that a number of operators try to claim and with the latest trial of 10 Gbps connectivity by Hyperoptic the bragging rights have been shifted to the next level.[...]


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