There is nothing original about this Kickstarter-funded game with a plucky Goonies-style gang of 2D characters – but that is the point[...]
Things non-surprisingly go awry after a bunch of teens find a dead body and an ancient Egyptian artifact. Read our Crossing Souls review to learn more![...]
With an incredible soundtrack and absolutely perfect pixel art, Crossing Souls is a cannot miss title. This is our Crossing Souls review.[...]
Fourattic's Crossing Souls is Stand By Me meets Teen Wolf meets old-school action adventure game for an 80’s, totally bitchin’, good time.[...]
There is no game, only Zuul[...]
Even though this charming game, Crossing Souls, littered with nods to the 80's, has its flaws, I can't help but cherish the amount of love and heart that went into making it.[...]
Crossing Souls tries to channel the camaraderie of The Goonies, the whimsy of Back to the Future and the magic of E.T and combine it all into one unforgettable video game. Safe to say, it achieves this – and a whole lot more.[...]
We take a look at 80s inspired pixel platformer Crossing Souls, which mixes up puzzles, platforming, and strategy based combat with nostalgia.[...]
An earnest and impactful adventure, written within the margins of an homage to 80s cinema.[...]


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