Project Trillium is a suite of machine learning IP that includes Arm's machine learning and object detection processors and neural network libraries.[...]
ARM is unveiling its ambitious new machine learning processor platform, dubbed Project Trillium. The platform includes processors and sensors for improving artificial intelligence operations in mobile devices at the edge of networks, rather than in data centers.[...]
The artificial intelligence boom is prompting chip companies to build specialized hardware. ARM is only the latest firm to get involved, following new chips from the likes of Intel, Google, and Qualcomm.[...]
ARM isn't content to offer processor designs that are kinda-sorta ready for AI. The company has unveiled Project Trillium, a combination of hardware and softwar...[...]
ARM's Project Trillium will boost machine learning and neural network operations for smartphones.[...]
Designs could bring about a step forward [...]
Chip designer ARM is unveiling two new categories of processors designed to bring machine learning to low-power devices without the need to phone into a cloud server. The new ARM ML processor is a new type of chip designed for on-device machine learning, while the ARM OD processor is designer specifically for one type of …[...]
ARM’s latest mobile processors are tuned to crunch machine-learning algorithms as efficiently as possible.[...]


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