Nearly 2 billion emojis are shared on Facebook messenger every day, with three out of the top five being a kissy face, a heart and a heart-eyed face.[...]
On Valentine's Day, Facebook Messenger is introducing new features exclusively for couples who make their relationship Facebook official.[...]
Facebook has announced some new changes to Messenger to celebrate Valentine's day. You'll be able to use new filters in Messenger Camera, and your chat window with your partner will be spruced up too.[...]
Whenever a couple will declare their relationship on Facebook, a Messenger notification will open to their conversation with a shower of [...]
Facebook is changing how couples are connected on its Messenger chat app. From February 14 onward, whenever a couple declares they’re in a relationship, Facebook Messenger will open with a shower of hearts, then invite the couple to customize text color, emoji, and nickname. Your significant other will sit atop your contact list, alongside your most frequently contacted friends or family. The heart eyes emoji 😍 will be set as your custom emoji.[...]
New animations, customisation and camera filters are coming to the app. [...]
Bar owner accuses CPI-M of not fulfilling promises, Chandy cries conspiracy[...]
Happy Maha Shivratri, wish Bollywood stars[...]
Maldives reiterated that at no time did they ask for any foreign military intervention.[...]


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