Previously undetected malware directed at users of the desktop version of the messaging app Telegram has been discovered by the Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab, Kaspersky said on Tuesday. The malicious software has been used to target Russian users since March 2017, Kaspersky said in a statement[...]
A new flaw in Telegram messaging - and quite possibly in other platforms as well - flips the text in a file share to mislead users. This flipped bit of text suggests that the user is being sent an image file, for example - but in reality, the file is anything but. In an example given this morning by the folks at[...]
Hackers have been able to exploit a vulnerability in the Telegram messaging app’s desktop client to earn units of cryptocurrencies such as Monero and ZCash, according to Kaspersky Lab.[...]
Kaspersky Lab researchers discovered a zero-day flaw in Telegram Messenger's desktop client that was exploited to mine cryptocurrency or to install a backdoor.[...]
Zero Day Security Bug in Telegram's Windows Client Exploited for Months to Spread Malware & Crypto Mining Scripts.[...]
Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab has uncovered a vulnerability in the Telegram desktop app which allows the social messaging app to be exploited for mining cryptocurrencies. [...]
The vulnerability was used from March 2017, but is now closed. The affected machines were situated in Russia. Kaspersky Lab says it is in line with the recent trend of mining bots.[...]
Any platform that is built on software has a potential of being hacked and that is why companies employ people that make sure that their systems are not vulnerable to exploits that are targeted by hackers. Now Kaspersky Lab is claiming that their researchers have uncovered attacks that are being carried out using new malware …[...]
Malware authors have used a zero-day vulnerability in the Windows client for the Telegram instant messaging service to infect users with cryptocurrency mining malware, researchers from Kaspersky Lab plan to reveal today.[...]


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