A BOWL of rice and a bunny rabbit, side-by-side. On the surface, this pair of emojis looks ordinary enough.[...]
The Commons Women's Committee will look at the use of non-disclosure agreements among other issues.[...]
Nearly one in five people workin­g in Britai­n’s parlia­ment sexual­ly harass­ed in the past year: report­[...]
MPs have launched an inquiry into workplace sexual harassment to discover how employers and the Government could better protect staff. The Women and Equalities Committee will look at the extent of the problem, who the perpetrators are, why it happens and what should be done to tackle sexual harassment.[...]
MPs will look at whether non-disclosure agreements are being used by employers to cover up harassment [...]
Strong policies against sexual harassment seem to have shielded banks from the public shamings that have occurred in other industries, but even they know they can’t get too complacent. Some are ditching old training sessions and trying new things like giving employees strategies to call out demeaning behavior.[...]
Because pursuing a criminal case requires an extensive amount of evidence, Complainant Navigator for the Center for Prevention and Outreach Samantha Winter said that many[...]
The movement finally acknowledging and tackling sexual harassment and abuse is not restricted to any gender, Ellie writes.[...]


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