All you need to know about Top Gear's trio of petrol heads[...]
The YouTuber, Rory Reid is part of the new line-up of the BBC auto show, Top Gear[...]
The 25th series of Top Gear is speeding into Britain's households this Sunday. Here's everything you need to know about the famous host.[...]
Episode 4 features the fearsome Demon, a 2CV, some eggs, and a Kia[...]
Matt LeBlanc heads to the USA to test the Dodge Demon Rory Reid power tests the Kia Stinger GT-S and Hyundai i30N Chris Harris and Matt LeBlanc head to France to celebrate the Citroen 2CV Stars in …[...]
​If this week’s episode of Top Gear was a lap, it can best be described as a predictable but strong start, stuttering and stalling in the middle, before regaining control for a very entertaining finish. The new series of the motoring show has started very strongly over the last month, but this time it feels like there’s just something missing to push it that little bit further over the line and continue to win over the sceptics still not totally sold after the end of the previous regime. [...]
BBC Top Gear viewers want to know why Matt LeBlanc films in the US so often.[...]


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