The choice of Yi Gang almost guarantees stability in policy as China tries to slow its rise in debt while avoiding any sharp deceleration in economic growth.[...]
Yi Gang will succeed the country's longest-serving central bank governor.[...]
Chinese President Xi Jinping has picked an American-trained economist who has long pushed for pro-market overhauls to take the helm of the central bank.[...]
China has selected American-trained economist Yi Gang to become the country's new central bank governor, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on Sunday, citing unnamed people with knowledge of the matter.[...]
Investors and policy makers should get some rest this weekend: For those tracking the world economy, next week is shaping up to be one of the busiest in recent memory.[...]
Yi Gang to be named PBOC Governor The Wall Street Journal that Yi Gang will take over the leadership of the People's Bank of China from long-time governor Zhou Xiaochuan. By Adam Button[...]
: THE BUSINESS TIMES Government & Economy - CHINA named Yi Gang to run its central bank, the Wall Street Journal reported, elevating a long-serving deputy governor with deep international links to the forefront of efforts to clean up the nation's financial sector and modernise monetary policy.. Read more at The Business Times.[...]


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