Trump's been on a recent losing streak with candidates he's vociferously backed — and it has some questioning what his strategy should be moving forward.[...]
The votes from Tuesday's special congressional election in Pennsylvania are still being counted, but Democrats have already won the psychological battle. At the very least, they came close to winning a district President Donald Trump won by 20 points. Democrats' strong performance deep in Trump country can't be ignored as we look to November's midterm elections, where all 435 House seats are up fo[...]
Conor Lamb’s victory in Pennsylvania, with his vow to oppose Ms. Pelosi, has emboldened other moderate and liberal Democrats to distance themselves from her.[...]
To help explain Tuesday's stunning special U.S. House election in southwestern Pennsylvania, look to Ed Karloski's political preferences for how Democrat[...]
A progressive Democrat running for a House seat in Illinois said in a new interview that she might not support House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as the Democrats' leader.[...]
Republicans' efforts to tether Pennsylvania Democrat Conor Lamb to party leader Nancy Pelosi were unsuccessful in this week's special election, but they aren't abandoning the strategy. Instead, in an...[...]
It turns out trading people's Medicaid and Medicare coverage for tax cuts for the very richest is not a winning message.[...]
(CNN) - National Democrats have turned to the centrist members of their party to reach far, wide and early to identify and bolster candidates beyond their urban strongholds.Conor Lamb's performanc[...]


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