GAZIANTEP, Turkey - Syrian rebels backed by Turkey seized control Sunday of the city of Afrin, the target of a two-month military operation against Kurdish militias in the enclave in Syria. The takeover dealt a blow to Kurdish aspirations for self-administration there and added to Turkey's growing footprint in the country. The Syrian rebel forces, which have served as advance troo[...]
The Turkish military has taken control of Afrin, a city in northwestern Syria. An advocacy group says nearly 200,000 people have been displaced by the fighting.[...]
The Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army have taken full control of the centre of the Syrian-Kurdish city of Afrin.[...]
BEIRUT (AP) - The Latest on the Syria conflict (all times local): 5:05 p.m. Syrian state-run TV is carrying images of President Bashar Assad visiting troops on the front line in the newly captured areas of eastern Ghouta, near the capital Damascus. Al-Ikhbariya TV broadcast the still images Sunday of Assad standing near a tank and surrounded by soldiers on a street in eastern Ghouta, the region ne[...]
With the liberation of Afrin, the Manbij talks between Turkey and the U.S. are a good opportunity for the two allies to revive their cooperation in the region[...]
Syrian Turkish-backed forces went on the rampage in Afrin on Sunday, pillaging shops and homes after taking control of the northern city, AFP correspondents and a monitor said. After chasing Kurdish fighters from Afrin, the pro-Ankara fighters broke into shops, restaurants and houses and left with foodstuff[...]
Syrian rebels backed by Turkey have taken control of the centre of the city of Afrin. Afrin lies near Turkey's border with Syria, and Turkish forces have fought for two months to clear it of Kurdish YPG fighters. Turkey regards the YPG as terrorists, insisting they are linked to Kurdish rebels in south-eastern Turkey. However, the US sees them an crucial to the fight against the Islamic State group. The BBC's Turkey correspondent Mark Lowen explains what happened.[...]
The attacks on the Turkish community's establishments by the followers of the PKK terrorist group across European cities has increased by more than 500...[...]
Dozens of Turkey's Kurdish and leftist groups appealed to world powers on Sunday to press for Turkish and Syrian rebel forces to withdraw from Afrin and avoid a "human tragedy" in the northwestern Syrian town.[...]


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