Video shows an 8,000-container ship scraping along the side of another, sending multiple crushed and torn containers into the water.[...]
KPT has launch­ed an invest­igatio­n into the incide­nt[...]
Multiple shipping containers full of imported cars and other freight worth millions of rupees were damaged due to the collision.[...]
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Authorities are working to retrieve more than 20 containers that fell into the water at Pakistan's southern port of Karachi… [...]
Twenty one containers, carrying cars and freight worth millions of rupees, need to be recovered.  [...]
KARACHI: Shipping activities at a private terminal, South Asia Pakistan Terminal Limited, affiliated to Karachi Port are going on as usual after a short pause[...]
Read more about 19 containers drown as ships collide in Karachi on Business Standard. Nineteen containers drowned and went missing in the Arabian Sea after two ships collided at the port in Pakistan's Karachi city, the media reported on Tuesday.[...]


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