Feisal Abdullahi Omar was to take up the role in Jowhar, the headquarters of the south-eastern state of Hirshabelle[...]
The high school student says he feared being targeted by al-Shabab militants.[...]
Feisal Abdullahi Omar rejected a government job as the deputy commissioner of Jowhar, a regional state in Somalia citing security fears.[...]
The Al-Qaeda-aligned Al Shabaab militants have withdrawn from Burdhubo district in Gedo region in Southern Somalia hours after it capturing it from Somali troops on Monday night.[...]
Two al-Shabaab recruiters are being interrogated by anti-terror detectives after they were arrested last week as they attempted to cross to Somalia.Suleiman Hemed Mwandilo and Salama Salim Mohamed were apprehended in Takaba, Mandera as they tried to sneak out through the El-Wak - Boroache route.An Intelligence report seen by The Star said the two are believed to be key al Shabab facilitators and recruiters in Mombasa.[...]
Somali security forces have launched an overnight security operation in Mogadishu, the Somali capital on Monday night after assassinations against security force members.[...]


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