When Donald Trump stepped into the White House in 2017, the President gave his son-in-law-turned-senior-aide Jared Kushner considerable power in trying to strike a deal for Middle East peace. Enter Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salmans, another anointed son looking to make a name for himself after his father gave him considerable power.[...]
With hostilities rising, a broader war in the Middle East is seeming more inevitable, says John Kilduff.[...]
"We make the best equipment in the world, there's nobody even close, and Saudi Arabia's buying a lot of this equipment," the president said.[...]
President Donald Trump on Tuesday implored Saudi Arabia's powerful crown prince to share his nation's wealth by continuing to purchase American-made weapons.[...]
Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman opens a marathon tour of the United States by soaking in praise from Trump.[...]
WASHINGTON: Donald Trump and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman discussed ways of putting pressure on Russia in opposition to what the US sees as its destabilizing role in the Middle East. Ahead of talks between the two leaders, in Washington on Tuesday, a senior US administration official said Russia posed a threat to Saudi Arabia’s security by aiding Riyadh’s opponents, particularly in Yemen and Syria, and by backing Iran.[...]
President hopes kingdom will 'give some of [its] wealth' to US 'in form of jobs' by buying 'finest military equipment'.[...]
Mohammed bin Salman has a firm ally in Trump, but what’s that really good for?[...]
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is opening a marathon tour of the United States with a stop in Washington, where he plans to meet Tuesday with President Donald Trump.[...]


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