Read Home Office accused of treating NHS patient data 'like the Yellow Pages' latest on ITV News. All the news[...]
NHS Digital's 'memorandum of understanding' with Home Office over patient information sharing is 'entirely inappropriate' and should stop immediately, MPs on the health select committee say[...]
Migrants are scared to seek medical treatment.[...]
The government has been accused of failing to act on “serious concerns” raised by doctors and MPs about an NHS policy that sees patient details shared with immigration authorities.[...]
The NHS has been urged to stop handing confidential data over to immigration officials, with claims sensitive records have been treated “like the Yellow Pages”.[...]
An official report from the House of Commons Health Committee has found that NHS Digital's data-sharing agreement with the Home Office is 'entirely inappropriate'.[...]
Dr Luke Ong, who has been in the UK for 10 years, is just months away from qualifying as a GP [...]


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