Markings pointed out on The Walking Dead's mysterious helicopter reaffirm its ties to Jadis, who was ready and waiting to be claimed by the chopper in episode 8x14.Reddit user sebrebc pointed out markings on the helicopter matched the markings seen on Jadis' can of applesauce from a previous [...][...]
Lennie James' Morgan won't be the only Walking Dead character showing up on Fear The Walking Dead.The official Twitter account for Skybound Entertainment's The Walking Dead promises at least one other character from the flagship series will make an appearance in the spinoff:Wait, did we say [...][...]
As Morgan Jones head out of town following The Walking Dead Season Eight finale, his joining of Fear the Walking Dead might just be permanent as Lennie James claims a return to the east coast 'might not be an option' for his character.As Morgan is set to encounter the characters of Fear the [...][...]
The Walking Dead's action-packed season 8 is poised to go out with a bang, and now fans can expect a major twist over the course of tonight's events.The official Twitter account for Skybound Entertainment's The Walking Dead shared a tweet highlighting the newest installment of 'Walking Dead [...][...]
Joining Fear the Walking Dead as Althea in Season Four, veteran LOST actress Maggie Grace admits there are some similarities between the two TV phenomena.'They do feel similar in terms of a strong ensemble in a rough environment,' Grace told 'Similarly, there's some really elevated [...][...]
Whether you stopped watching Fear the Walking Dead in its early seasons or never gave the show a shot in the first place, the Season Four premiere is the perfect place to start.The AMC zombie show will be borrowing a character from The Walking Dead, introducing a slew of new faces, and bringing [...][...]
When The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead cross paths tonight, the mix will come as more than just a 'gimmick,' says actor Lennie James, whose Morgan is at the center of the crossover.The move over from the flagship series to spinoff Fear 'needed to be right for the character,' James told [...][...]
Handing over 'Walking Dead' showrunning duties, Scott M. Gimple unveils how significant tonight's S8 ender of the AMC blockbuster is & crossovers to come[...]
Keep up on all of The Walking Dead season 9 news you need to know - from posters to trailers to cast and crew rumors and more. [...]


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