Nicola Sturgeon has described the air strikes in Syria as a “macho strongman standoff between Trump and Putin” and claimed Theresa May made a mistake by failing to consult parliament ahead of the action.[...]
Drivers in Scotland have been hit with sharp car insurance hikes over the last year while the rest of the UK has seen prices go down. [...]
Sturgeon calls for vote before any further Syria action. The First Minister said future military strikes must be sanctioned by UK Parliament.[...]
The air strikes on Syria and the potential backlash faced by the United Kingdom dominate Scotland's front pages.[...]
Pressure is building on the government to allow a parliamentary vote on Saturday's military strikes on Syria, with Labour and the SNP demanding a full debate when the House of Commons returns on Monday.[...]
DISCUSSIONS on plans to regulate milk contracts were top of the agenda when dairy officials from the UK’s four farming unions met in Birmingham… [...]
Nicola Sturgeon says there is a danger UK intervention may make the situation "worse not better".[...]


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