EASTENDERS' Vincent Hubbard star Richard Blackwood has confirmed the date of his last episode while dropping a huge bombshell about how he will leave Albert Square for the final time today, saying it will be “emotional”. [...]
EastEnders is lining up a very dramatic exit for Richard Blackwood's character Vincent Hubbard and the enthusiastic actor has again promised big things as a twist plays out and reveals...[...]
Richard Blackwood says filming final EastEnders scenes was 'emotional'[...]
EASTENDERS has a new bad boy in town in the form of Hunter Owen and it seems his cheeky ways with Louise Mitchell could be about to land him in hot water with her family. [...]
Coming up on EastEnders, sparks are set to fly between Louise and Tiffany, get the lowdown on the drama here.[...]
EASTENDERS' Louise Mitchell is set for even MORE trouble next week.[...]
Louise Mitchell and Tiffany Butcher are set to end up in a very public scrap when Louise is left horrified to find that Tiffany has posted a picture of her...[...]
​EastEnders airs a furious showdown tonight as Mel Owen accuses Michelle Fowler of making a pass at Hunter.[...]
Actor Richard Blackwood has already filmed his final scenes as Vincent Hubbard, and he's opened up about how the team made sure to do it right to make sure everyone's talking about it.[...]


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