Ultimate Ears’ Bluetooth speakers will soon have Spotify Voice, Spotify Connect and multi-room support.[...]
Late last year, Ultimate Ears launched the Blast and Megablast speakers. While the company does announce new Bluetooth speakers from time to time,...[...]
The Alexa-powered Blast and Megablast speakers Ultimate Ears launched late last year will soon give you a way to listen to your favorite tunes on Spotify withou...[...]
Ultimate Ears has announced that the BLAST and MEGABLAST speakers will be getting support for Spotify Voice Control later this year, along with some other features. This is going to allow you to use your voice to start Spotify music, as well as switch songs and so forth. This is going to work with Alexa, and not be a[...]
The Ultimate Ears brand has had the UE BLAST or UE MEGABLAST as part of the lineup since last year. The two are already friends with Alexa but they are getting new features this week with an update. The Bluetooth smart speakers come with the Ultimate Ears app where you can use the enhanced controls. The mobile app[...]


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