BBC Breakfast host Louise Minchin has apologised after being accused of cheating during a gruelling triathlon through Snowdonia national park.[...]
BBC newsreader Louise Minchin has denied accusations of cheating during a semi-professional triathlon. The 49-year-old reportedly used the 'drafting' tactic during the final bike leg of the Slateman competition; drafting...[...]
The presenter had no choice but to address the claims as she went through the papers with co-host [...]
The presenter and Team GB triathlete, 49, outraged a fellow competitor at the race through Snowdonia National Park on the weekend, who accused her of cheating.[...]
LOUISE MINCHIN, who is widely known for co-hosting BBC Breakfast, has broken her silence over claims she was reported to ­of­fi­cials by a competitor who said she cheated in a triathlon race - a claim Louise is not under investigation for. [...]
BBC BREAKFAST star Louise Minchin competed in a triathlon in Snowdonia over the weekend, and posted a triumphant picture of herself at the finish line saying she was “very pleased to have finished the toughest race” she had ever done – stating her finishing time was 3.53. [...]
The newsreader was left red-faced as she reviewed a story about herself[...]
We take a look at her life and career so far[...]
The presenter has been accused of cheating in the Slateman event in Snowdonia [...]


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